Tahoe Blue Pet and Dog Wash - Your Self-Serve Pet Wash in North West Reno

Tahoe Blue self-serve pet wash is a do-it-yourself, self-serve pet wash facility with 2 pet wash tubs. We created this self-serve pet or dog wash to take the hassle out of washing your dog or pet and put some fun back into the process.

You no longer have to make a mess in your own tub – just use ours! 

Tahoe Blue Self-Serve Pet Wash offers you convenience and fun in a safe environment. We are conveniently located in the Tahoe Blue Car wash facility at 6165 Stone valley Dr.

Our pet wash offers 10 minutes of washing and drying time for $8.

We also offer tokens which give you a significant discount off wash pet wash. Buy 5 Tokens for just $30.

Each token is valid for one pet wash – making the cost of the washes $6. If you are interested in this deal, please give Tahoe Blue Pet Wash a call at 775-200-0601.

Visit us today to get your dog clean!

Tahoe Blue Pet and Dog Wash


Reasons for using a self-serve pet wash:

  1. How easy we make it! Our self-serve wash tubs are located 4 feet off the ground and include a ramp for your pet to go up and in. We also have collar clips, so your pet can’t go anywhere.
  2. Convenience – No need to mess up your house and bathroom. Just use ours and clean up a little of the hair after as a courtesy to the next self-serve pet wash user.
  3. Bonding time with your pet. – Regular grooming provides you and your pet with a connection and an experience you will both look forward to.
  4. Our Prices - Using Tahoe Blue Self-Serve Pet Wash is a lot cheaper than regular grooming sessions. Think of all the extra treats you can buy!!
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